Robert Pekin, founder of the original Food Connect in Brisbane, speaks about the 600 million dollar Australian organic food industry and the new Organic Federation of Australia and protecting the integrity of organic standards with Paul Barclay on Australia Talks. See abc website here for audio link.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique arrangement in our modern financial system. It steps outside the traditional model of modern industrialised food production and places both the farmer and the consumer in a direct risk sharing relationship which offers the benefits of mutuality and community. RMIT proides a succint overview about global sustainability in food production and the widespread benefits of CSA.

So much to do! Launch dates loom. The team at Food Connect Adelaide are working hard to ensure that Food Connect Adelaide hits its launch date 2010. Keeping everyone busy right now are preparations for funding applications for Green business grants, attending farmers meetings, organising a Food Connect Adelaide volunteers meeting for early December where tasks can be shared and some fun can be had. We are planning the final machinations of Food Connect Adelaide before launch and have been doing lots of pavement pounding to ensure that the Food Connect Adelaide word spreads and to generate as wide spread support as we can for this community building venture. We love your support and input, it really helps keep motivation up and enthusiasm going.

Sometimes the decisions on buying local or buying organic can be confusing. The key to working your way through this often conflicting dilemma is to educate yourself and understand where your food comes from and how it has been produced. Are organic potatoes flown from Tasmania a better choice than some spuds grown on the Adelaide plains with minimal sprays? This article from The Green Guide helps you to work your way through the issues.

Professor Phillip O’Neill ,director of the Urban Research Centre at the
University of Western Sydney talks about food security, abundance and waste. Read the article here

This story of Soul Food Farm’s recovery from a devastating fire is a wonderful illustration of the relationship that is possible between a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm and its city based consumers. When Soul Food Farm went up in flames in the recent California fires, with a little help from their city ‘friends’ , Soul Food Farm went from the brink of folding to a viable business once again. CSA forms a viable and exciting new model of farming, business, consuming and community development.

Sally Fisher, co-founder of FoodConnect Adelaide, talks to Radio Adelaide about FoodConnect, reducing our food miles, food freshness and a fairer go for farmers.